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With more than 16 years of experience in the field of rice production, our company is proudly recognized as one of the leaders of the rice industry in Afghanistan. We seek to provide high quality rice and provide unparalleled service to our customers. Our values:
Unparalleled Quality:
We take great care in the selection and production of rice to ensure that our products are of superior quality and meet international standards.

Environmental sustainability:
As a sustainable company, we are working to protect the environment from the negative consequences of the activities of the rice industry and are diligent in the optimal use of natural resources.

Innovation and technology:
Taking advantage of the latest advances in science and technology in the rice industry, we have endless Mondays to innovate our processes and improve our products.

Customer service:
Our customers are valuable to us and we are committed to providing them with transparent, fast and friendly service. Active interaction with customers and responding to their needs is one of our main goals.

Our commitment:
We are proud and committed to promoting the rice industry and providing a basic food of superior quality, as a reliable partner in the growth and development of our customers

shoaib faisal

License of the Company

Environmental License of the Company Our company is approved by the Environment Department of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Why zone of the Kunduz agricultural province of Afghanistan?

As one of the farmers and landowners, we aimed to establish a standard factory to alleviate the challenges faced in rice producon. Before the establishment of our company the farmers had to deal with lot of challenges for example The culvaon of rice paddy occurred over a span of four months, namely June, July, August, and September. During these four months, the harvesng of the crop was carried out within the first 20 days to prevent potenal damage caused by excessive water. The tradional method of burning the rice straw aer harvest oen led to accidental fires, resulng in the loss of a year's income for the farmers. Moreover, the rice grains would get a foul smell, rendering them unfit for consumpon. Consequently, the farmers had to sell this poor-quality rice at a significantly lower price to avoid facing hunger.
In summary, this locally produced rice, when compared to the second and third types of imported rice, was sold at half the price, making it praccally equivalent in cost. However, due to its poor quality, it struggled to find a good market and remained the cheapest opon compared to imported rice. Consequently, rice producon in the north-eastern zone decreased, and people began to shi towards imported rice. Unfortunately, some individuals had no choice but to use this low-quality rice for sustenance. Alhamdulillah, aer the establishment of the Shoaib Faisal Company, a significant number of farmers found relief from their rice producon problems. Over the past few years, this company has fostered enthusiasm for rice culvaon and processing in the region. I am confident that within two to three years, Shoaib Faisal Rice will not only benefit the people of Afghanistan but also contribute to our beloved country becoming self-sufficient in rice producon, God willing.
The Shoaib Faisal Company was founded in 2014 and commenced operaons in 2015. It occupies a 10-acre land area, and the company made substanal investments in machinery, construcon equipment, and warehouses. In 2019, Shoaib Faisal Rice Processing and Producon Company collaborated with Baylor, England, Buller Company to import modern machinery from foreign countries and also invested in construcng a new factory warehouse. Alhamdulillah, this has led to the establishment of a second rice producon and processing factory, adhering to internaonal standards."

Rice Agriculture

The Shoaib Faisal Company, through its innovave acvies and services, has been acvely supporng the community and farmers of this country by providing hybrid rice seeds, both early and late maturing variees, at reasonable prices. Aer conducng research and promong the use of these improved rice seeds, the company has played a crucial role in enhancing rice culvaon in the region.
Shoaib Faisal Company has signed contracts with 4,500 affiliated farmers. As part of its support, the company provides each farmer with 14 kilograms of wheat and 4,000 Afghanis in cash for the purchase of ferlizers and labor for their fields. The company stands ready to assist farmers whenever they require support.
Furthermore, in the year 2020, 171 demonstraon plots were presented to the esteemed Office of Agriculture, Kunduz Province, through the collaboraon with the Japan Internaonal Cooperaon Agency (JICA). Shoaib Faisal Company also supports these demonstraon plots to enhance rice producon, improve the quality of rice seeds, and promote rice culvaon in the country, providing both financial and moral support.
In addion to the 171 demonstraon plots, 200 other demonstraon plots were established in eight provinces, including Takhar, Balkh, Mazar Sharif, Jalalabad, Herat, Laghman, Konar, and Badakhshan. Addionally, 378 demonstraon plots were established in collaboraon with JICA.
It is noteworthy that Shoaib Faisal Company has not only focused on producing rice but has also made significant contribuons throughout the history of our unique country. The company has made improved rice seeds available to farmers, which are researched and modified by the company, and these seeds are sown from the month of February to the month of march in the Shaidayari (Borah) fields. Moreover, the company makes warm-season hybrid rice seeds available to farmers aer harvesng wheat, watermelon, and cantaloupe.
It should be emphasized that two harvest seasons are obtained within a year. The menoned two types of rice seeds are imported from abroad by the company and provided to the farmers. They have the opon to culvate warm-season hybrid rice seeds aer harvesng wheat, watermelon, and cantaloupe, which has been a significant and unprecedented assistance to the farmers in the history of this country.

The menoned company is currently processing and producing the following types of rice:
1-Sela Rice 1121
2-Sela Rice 1509
3-Agri slim rice
4-Kunduz rice 1
5-Luq (White) Rice, mainly for export to foreign countries, with considerable demand from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. It is important to note that this type of rice is intended for export purposes.

Key Staff

The leadership of Shoaib Faisal Company has always been striving to create addional employment opportunies and reduce the level of unemployment in society. The company currently employs 221 individuals in various roles and acvies. This workforce includes 13 administrave managers responsible for areas such as administraon, accounng, markeng, procurement, warehouse management, and computer-related tasks. Addionally, there are 22 technical workers in the producon machinery department, 4 guards, 3 drivers, 2 chefs, and 39 non-technical laborers involved in the transportaon of rice and rice paddy. Furthermore, there are 138 employees working in the fields.

Business Plan

1-Establishing a second factory in Imam Sahib District, Kunduz Province.
2-Expanding the export of rice producon to foreign markets.
3-Doubling the producon capacity and acquiring new modern machinery for rice and rice paddy processing.
4-Upgrading and capacitang the affiliated farmers () to improve their agricultural pracces.
5- mproving the quality of rice seeds for culvaon. Farmers
6-Enhancing rice culvaon pracces and increasing producvity.
7- Supporng the affiliated farmers to improve the agricultural sector in the country.
8-SuExpanding the company's future plans and prospects.
9-Increasing the number of employees and workers in the human resources department.
10-Establishing warehouses for storing rice and rice paddy.
11-Establishing a vineyard with internaonal standards on a 120-jerib (approximately 24 hectares) land area.
12-stablishing a standard cold storage facility with a capacity of 5,000 tons in Kunduz Province.
Kunduz Province,

located in northern Afghanistan, is known for its rich agricultural heritage and historical significance. With ferle plains and river valleys, it has been a vital agricultural region, producing wheat, rice, fruits, and coon. The province's agricultural output plays a crucial role in sustaining the local populaon and contribung to the country's food security. Moreover, Kunduz serves as a key trade center, facilitang the exchange of agricultural products with other regions of Afghanistan and beyond. However, Despite all the challenges that province has faced, the agricultural producvity of Kunduz remains vital for the overall well-being and economy of the country.

shoaib faisal

Company Certificate


Here we will answer the most frequent questions that our customers have.

1-How can I inform you of my request to buy goods?
You can register a purchase request through the following emails and by visiting our offices in Kabul or Kanders.
Cable agency:
+ 22 07 07 790 93
24 20 90 786 93+
Kunduz Province, Se Darek Village, Kunduz Kabul Transit Company

Kunduz Central Office:
+24 82 51 798 93
40 47 34 793 93+
Kabul, Shahr Nou, Kolule Pashte, Shahrara town
2-In which district are rice purchase contracts established?
1-Khanabad District, Kunduz Province.
2-Aliabad District, Kunduz Province.
3-Imam Sahib District, Kunduz Province.
4-Chardara District, Kunduz Province.
5-Dasht-e Archi District, Kunduz Province.
6-Qalay-I-Zal District, Kunduz Province.
7-Kunduz City, Kunduz Province.
8-Aqtash District, Kunduz Province.
9-Baghlan Province and Baghlan City.
10-Yangi Qala District, Takhar Province.
11-Khwaja Bahawuddin District, Takhar Province.
12-Darqad District, Takhar Province.
3-What is the contract with the domestic markets of the country and with the neighboring countries??

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Kunduz Main Ofice:

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    Se Darak Village, Kabul Kunduz High way
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    +93 793 34 47 40
    +93 798 51 82 24
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